Best Secret Santa Gifts for Your Colleagues In 2020


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Another year, another Secret Santa gift for that colleague you don’t really know. Here at Wicked Uncle, the Elves have found the absolute best Secret Santa gifts to give to your colleagues, and we’ve put them all in one list! From the quirky to the convenient, these presents will keep everyone’s spirits merry.

Top 10 Tried & Tested Gifts

  1. Pac-Man Handheld Game
  2. Voice Recording Mug
  3. Aqua Bluetooth Speaker
  4. Chocolate Vegetables
  5. Full HD Action Camera
  6. Comic Strip iBeani
  7. Are You Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks?
  8. Twerk Pong
  9. Waboba Wingman
  10. IQ Puzzler Pro

1Pac-Man Handheld Game, £15.00£15.00

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Pac-Man is coming to town!

This is for the colleague who’s always tapping away at an iPhone game when they think that nobody’s watching. Give them something worthwhile to play with this arcade classic – everyone knows the drill: collect the dots, avoid the ghosts! And it’s all packed into a tiny, portable device, so the boss still won’t notice…

2Voice Recording Mug, £12.95£12.95

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To make coffee that bit sweeter

A sleek, ceramic mug that does a lot more than hold the morning coffee: this is a cool, interactive gift that lets you record an unlimited number of 7 second messages. Activated by a pressure sensor in the base of the mug, the clip will play after every sip! It won’t be long before you regret gifting this…

3Aqua Bluetooth Speaker, £26.95£26.95

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Under the Christmas lights

All is merry and bright with this LED bluetooth speaker! With water jets that move in time with the beat, this is undoubtedly the grooviest present around. It’s the perfect lounge accessory to accompany all of the seasonal family gatherings – next year, everyone will be praying that you’re their Secret Santa!

4Chocolate Vegetables, £8.95£8.95

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Rudolph would prefer these carrots…

If you’re buying for that colleague who’s always sneaking a chocolate button between meetings, this is the perfect gift. A set of quirky vegetable-shaped chocolates which satisfy a sweet tooth, but also make you feel a bit better about yourself! Asparagus has never tasted so good!

5Full HD Action Camera, £29.95£29.95

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And the Oscar goes to…

Whenever anything funny happens, there’s always that colleague who tries to capture it on their phone. For this everyday cinematographer, we’ve got just the gift! Filming at 1080p and complete with a waterproof case, this tiny camera is both convenient and high quality. Best of all, footage can be streamed live to their smartphone as they film it – let’s hope you don’t end up starring in a ‘The Office’ remake…

6Comic Strip iBeani, £24.99£24.99

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Bags of convenience

A vibrant bean bag that makes sure your device get its share of Christmas comfort! Lightweight, portable, and also remarkably stable, this is built to hold iPads and tablets upright from any angle. A useful gift that any colleague would appreciate – until their children start hogging it…

7Are You Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks?, £12.95£12.95

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Humans vs. nature

The perfect gift to give to that know-it-all colleague who fancies themselves as a master of trivia. In this quirky quiz, every answer is either 0, 1, or 2 – first pick your answer, then shake the box of numbered rocks and count the tally to receive the rock’s answer! It’s a hilarious game that quickly gets competitive, and it might just bring that colleague down a few pegs.

8Twerk Pong, £9.95£9.95

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Twerking around the Christmas tree!

It doesn’t matter who you gift this to, because it’ll get the whole workplace laughing. An insanely funny party game that rewards the player with the quickest hips! Simply fill the box up with ping pong balls, tie it round your waist, and race to see whose twerking can empty the box quickest. A great way to expose the office’s secret dancer…

9Waboba Wingman, £5.95£5.95

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Keep spirits soaring!

Is your desk neighbour always nattering on about their tranquil getaways to the beach and the countryside? If this sounds all too familiar, we’ve got the perfect gift for their family holidays. This soft disc files up to 40 metres without veering off course, and can fold-up easily into any pocket – how handy! A simple gift that’ll make any colleague wonder why they ever stopped playing with frisbees.

10IQ Puzzler Pro, £9.95£9.95

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‘Tis the season for brain teasers!

A brilliant gift for the workplace problem-solver, the IQ Puzzler Pro tests the most advanced corners of our brains! With a mix of simple 2D patterns and baffling 3D shapes, the aim is to simply use the coloured balls to complete the designs – a great way for anyone to keep the brain active over the festive period. It comes with 120 levels, so it’ll keep them busy right through to next Christmas!

For more great Secret Santa ideas, our website is packed with exciting festive gifts!

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