Brilliant & Educational Indoor STEM Toys – Best Of 2020


STEM toys are in fashion – they’re exciting, creative, and educate children while they’re having fun! If you’re looking for a present for a brainy relative that enjoys science and maths-related gifts, check out our list of the best indoor STEM and engineering toys as chosen by our expert panel of children.

Top 10 Tried & Tested Toys

  1. 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit
  2. Ultralight Airplanes
  3. Amazing Balancing Pteranodon
  4. Salt Water Engine Car
  5. Dump Truck & Tractor
  6. Crashapult
  7. Three Experimental Kit – Junior Inventor
  8. Solar System Puzzle
  9. Human Body Science Kit

112 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit, £24.95£24.95

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A model medley!

Build a range of animals and machines with this cool construction kit, which combines solar and hydraulic power to offer a lesson in sustainable energy on-top of all the engineering fun. With 230 colourful pieces, children can construct models that each have their own, unique movement – how cool! The models range from an ostrich to a digging excavator, so it might just be the wackiest STEM toy you’ve ever come across.

2Ultralight Airplanes, £15.95£15.95

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High-flying fun

Construct up to 5 different gliders with this unique toy that uses ultralight plastic and bamboo parts. As children build various wing configurations (like the Triplane, Biplane, and Tandem Wing), they learn about the intricacies of aerodynamics, as well as having some simple, creative fun! They’ll be the know-it-all next time they fly on a plane…

3Amazing Balancing Pteranodon, £6.95£6.95

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Defy gravity!

For any relative who’s obsessed with everything prehistoric, this mind-blowing toy will offer hours of fun. It seems impossible, but this dinosaur toy manages to balance on practically any object – it must be that huge wingspan (it’s actually the specially weighted nose)! Either way, it’s a toy that’ll make them look like a magician.

4Salt Water Engine Car, £15.95£15.95

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Clean fun

A gift that merges the best elements of engineering and science to create a truly memorable toy! Build a 4×4 V8 engine car that’s super cool and climate-conscious. It runs off a chemical reaction between water, saline, and metal, and just needs a few drops of salt water to get it running. And with a build time of around 1 hour, the results will feel incredibly rewarding – saving the planet, one toy at a time!

5Dump Truck and Tractor, £14.95£14.95

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My first tractor

For a child interested in everything farming, these robust little vehicles are the perfect toy. With cleverly designed components and realistic rolling wheels, it’s a great way to teach them about different vehicles and how they operate. Perfect for rainy days, and the first step into a career in farming!

6Crashapult, £21.00£21.00

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Engineering made fun!

This crazy game is an immersive, interactive way for children to learn about everything from trajectories, to motion, to force. Build the catapult, and use it to fire a small ball through a hoop and into a funnel. Work through the challenges in the booklet, thinking critically to navigate the different angles. This 13 piece set is entirely child-powered: no batteries, no rubber bands. The fun is in their hands!

7Three Experimental Kit – Junior Inventor, £16.95£16.95

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A scientist in the making

Great for curious children, this simple experiment kit lets them get to grips with with the fundamental principles of science. Children can build a quirky mechanical grabber with hands, a crane with a pulley system, and an adorable frog that climbs along string. The perfect gift for any child with an urge to experiment and discover!

8Solar System Puzzle, £21.00£21.00

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To infinity and beyond

For the puzzle-lover and the space-obsessed, this gift couldn’t be any better. With solid-wood planet pieces and an LED sun, this 100 piece puzzle really does have it all. The included poster helps children learn the planet names as they get to grips with our galaxy! Rumour has it they make you complete this in NASA interviews…

9Human Body Science Kit, £29.95£29.95

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A *very* junior doctor

This incredible kit offers 26 fun experiments that teach children everything about the human body. From examining your fingertips to listening to your own heartbeat, this gift means you can be the doctor and the patient all at once! Complete with a fully illustrated guidebook, this is the easiest introduction into human anatomy – give them a head-start before their GCSEs!

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