Best Christmas Presents for Teachers in 2020


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What would we do without teachers? There aren’t many people more deserving of a cool gift, so we’ve created an undisputed list of the best Christmas presents for teachers! From the tasty, to the quirky, to the downright hilarious, Christmas gifts for teachers don’t get better than this.

Top 10 Tried & Tested Gifts

  1. Voice Recording Mug
  2. Pac-Man Handheld Game
  3. Aqua Bluetooth Speaker
  4. Rainbow Cake
  5. Quizzie
  6. 100 Ways To Win A Tenner
  7. Pindaloo
  8. Scrawl Game
  9. Are You Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks?
  10. Strawberry Cheesecake Popcorn

1Voice Recording Mug, £12.95£12.95

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A new way to tell the class off

Every teacher needs a healthy dose of caffeine to get them through the day, but with this unique mug, they’ll get a lot more than coffee! This interactive gift lets them record a message that plays every time they take a sip – the possibilities are endless. They can record an unlimited amount of messages, but they probably won’t want to change it from ‘keep the volume down!’…

2Pac-Man Handheld Game, £15.00£15.00

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Roll back the years

An old arcade classic that refuses to go away, Pac-Man is timeless! Now packaged into a nifty, portable device with a handy keyring attached, there’s not one teacher who won’t enjoy this little nostalgia rush. Best of all, now they’ve got something to keep them busy while the pupils are hard at work…

3Aqua Bluetooth Speaker, £26.95£26.95

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A Christmas light show!

The festive period is a time to enjoy all of those seasonal songs that made you feel Christmassy over the years – this speaker makes that a whole lot more exciting! With LED lights and water jets that move in time with the beat, this’ll help that teacher jazz up their Christmas decor. Mariah Carey’s never sounded so good!

4Rainbow Cake, £14.95£14.95

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For the Mary Berry fans

Christmas is all about lighting some candles, throwing on a big jumper, and baking a big, homemade cake! This super convenient baking kit is a festive delight – it includes a baking tin, sprinkles, icing, and four colourful mixes to make each layer vibrant and exciting. If they’re feeling generous, teachers might even bring the finished product back into class.

5Quizzie, £16.95£16.95

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Merry quiz-mas!

This one’s for the teacher with a sense of humour. Quizzie is a cute little robot that offers multiple quiz modes, including the option to input your own yes/no questions. But, get an answer wrong, and Quizzie squirts water in your face! Best of all, they can take it to the Christmas family do and soak all of those annoying distant relatives…

6100 Ways To Win A Tenner, £10.00£10.00

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For a troublesome Christmas…

This cheeky little book is stuffed full of clever tricks and ruses to help anyone sneak their way through everyday situations. From the pool table to the restaurant bill, Paul Zenon has compiled an insightful guide on becoming a top trickster. Let’s just hope they don’t try and get one over on their pupils!

7Pindaloo, £12.95£12.95

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Keep teachers in the loop!

Throughout the Christmas period, everyone needs games on standby. But Pindaloo takes festive fun to a new, addictive level! It’s a seemingly simple activity, where you just have to loop the ball from one end of the tube to the other – but trust us, it’ll have entire families frustrated. But come term time they’ll have the hang of it, and might even bring it into class to showboat…

8Scrawl Game, £25.00£25.00

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Christmas chaos

This is a brilliant game that teachers can take back to their family, or share with the classroom! You use your clipboard to draw what’s on the scenario card, and then let the next player guess what it’s supposed to be – then, the next player along has to sketch out the previous player’s guess. It’s not long before this becomes a game of chaos and hilarity – guaranteed to bring some festive cheer!

9Are You Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks?, £12.95£12.95

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A seasonal reality check

Ever wondered how smart your child’s teacher really is? Well, there’s no better test than pitting them against a box of rocks. This is a hilariously quirky trivia set where every answer is either 0, 1, or 2 – first you pick your answer, then shake the box of numbered rocks to receive the rock’s answer. Quirky, competitive, and eye-opening, this might leave the teacher feeling a little under-qualified…

10Strawberry Cheesecake Popcorn, £3.95£3.95

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A festive feast

For a teacher with a sweet tooth, this tasty treat will blow their Christmas socks off. This handmade popcorn is made entirely from natural ingredients, blending the fresh taste of strawberry with the creamy indulgence of cheese for a truly unique experience! They’ll just be grateful they weren’t given another box of mince pies…

The choices don’t end here! For more great gift ideas for your child’s teacher, check out our website!

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