31 Ways You Know Your Kids Have Defeated You


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Being a good parent takes intelligence, patience, and a sense of humour – but sometimes, it all just gets a bit too much. Whether it’s one tantrum too many or that early morning that feels like the final straw, we all have those days where we feel defeated! So have a giggle at these relatable moments…

gif of a baby telling a parent to worry about themselves

1. When you find yourself watching Peppa Pig on your own.

2. When you’re so tired that even the coffee won’t save you.

3. When you also opt for Coco Pops for breakfast.

4. Letting them watch an extra half an hour of TV before bed…

5. When, two hours and lots of tears later, you end up doing their maths homework for them.

6. You don’t hide the chocolate anymore.

7. You can recite their favourite bedtime stories better than your own wedding vows.

a baby spinning round

8. When a lie-in means 7am.

9. When you run out of ways to say ‘no’.

10. Your ears are fully adjusted to the highest decibels possible.

11. When you let them run freely around the supermarket because you know they always find their way back.

12. Not flinching when you get poop/wee/vomit on your hand/arm/face.

13. You *seriously* lower you standards of what constitutes a ‘clean’ room.

14. You let the sibling arguments sort themselves out. It’s character building…

15. When the concept of ‘spare time’ is a distant memory.

16. Letting them take a sickie when you know they’re not actually ill.

17. When you’re loading up on greens because they haven’t even touched their broccoli.

18. You can carry on reading your book while they climb all over you.

19. You avoid the toy section in the supermarket at all cost.

20. You hear more nursery rhymes than songs on your own Spotify playlists.

21. When the curfews get later and later.

22. You end up doing everything you judged other parents for before you had kids.

23. You’re absolutely prepared to find writing on the walls.

24. When they *keep* finding the hidden toys.

child getting scared by a toy

25. You start calling yourself mummy/daddy around your friends.

26. You don’t expect to go to the toilet alone ever again.

27. When the coffees just keep getting stronger.

28. You share your bed with a cuddly tiger, 4 trucks and blankie.

29. You’re okay with cleaning up vomit.

30. You’ll find *any* moment to catch a few minutes extra sleep.

31. You find yourself humming the theme tune to Fireman Sam in the office.

But you still love them really…so how about you get them a cool toy from our wicked range!

When I was younger my parents made me walk the plank. We couldn’t afford a dog.



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