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Prepare for Valentine’s Day the Wicked Uncle Way

We may not be most people’s first thought when looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for their special someone, but don’t be fooled. We have a great selection of gifts which will amaze and astound your significant other with their originality and brilliance. Give the gift of fun this Valentine’s Day. 💝

Glow Art - Neon Effect Drawing Board

Express your love in glorious technicolor – who can resist a love letter in neon?

This cute innovative robot can store up to three recorded messages, which he will repeat in his little roboty voice. Imagine the joy in your special someone’s eyes as he says those three little words…”Fancy a cuppa?”

A quiet night in with a word game might be just what you need this Valentine’s Day – what a great way to show somebody that you think they’re Top Banana!

Write a love song with Compose yourself, the easy way to make musical masterpieces. Then hear your beautiful music played by a real orchestra. A personally composed symphony has got to be be a Valentine’s Day success.

Nothing says “I love you” like a squishy rainbow poo, let’s face facts. And you know what’s even rarer than unicorn poo? TRUE LOVE.

Wishing everyone a very lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day.



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