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The Best Secret Santa Gifts for 2018

Secret Santa gifts can get competitive, whether amongst friends, family or work colleagues; who will find the funniest, most unusual Secret Santa gift? Answer: you, with the help of Wicked Uncle. Here are the best Secret Santa Gifts for Christmas 2018.

  • Now That’s What I Call Music – The Card Game If you’re buying for a music fan, this brilliant Card Game with questions from the 80’s, 90’s, 21st Century and Oldies is the perfect Secret Santa gift that everyone can join in on.
  • Phone JailMobile Phone JailWe all know someone who can’t stop checking their phone. Imagine, a brief (joyous) interlude with no more texting, browsing or gaming, with time away from Facebook. What a priceless gift!
  • Hands OffHands Off Just place this micro-security system on top of your Very Important Paperwork, or favourite chocolate, to protect them. When the alarm is moved, the lights will flash red and the loud siren will go off, alerting all to an attempted ‘abduction’. Perfect for an office Secret Santa!
  • Creepy Crawly ChallengeTreat Factory Creepy Crawly ChallengeThe ultimate in survival games; your very own sweet bush tucker trial! These nine gummy bugs with gooey centres are a delightful mix of spiders, maggots and scorpions, some taste nice, others not so nice. Spin the wheel and whatever the arrow points to you have to gulp down…eeek! I’m a Secret Santa expert…get me out of here!!
  • Dessert Tasting BoxDessert Tasting BoxIf the person you’re allocated by the Secret Santa organiser isn’t one you know very well, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. This lovely little box of chocolates includes four classic flavours, Bakewell Tart, Spiced Apple Crumble, zesty Lemon Meringue Pie and Black Forest Gateaux. Yum!
  • Twerk PongTwerk Pong BoxWin at Secret Santa with a super fun game which puts your twerking skills to the test. Fill the box up with the ping pong balls provided, tie it round your waist and race to see who can empty the box quickest. Rack up the tunes and let the players shake their booties to the music. Guaranteed laughs!
  • Light Up Pug BathplugLight Up Pug BathplugIt’s a bath plug with a pug on the end of it. The pug is cute. The pug’s tummy lights up when it is in warm water, and he floats happily in the bubbles. What more can we say? Pugtastic.
  • Sticky the EmojiSticky the EmojiThis popular toy has a sticky surface with a mouldable middle and is incredibly squishy. Great fun to throw as it reassuringly splats and sticks to any flat surface, like walls and doors. Very satisfying for all ages and even works as a stress ball. Cool!

You will find plenty more brilliant gift ideas at Wicked Uncle. Our Mission is fun, and to prove it, here’s a joke:

Do you know what the leading cause of dry skin is?





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