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Gifts for Babies – Fit for a Prince! (Or Princess.)

Each day, around about 2000 babies are born in the UK. But on Monday 23rd of April, 2018, some of the nation went a little bit bonkers over the birth of a new Royal Baby. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their third child, a boy.

We thought this was an opportune moment to advise real life Wicked Uncle, Prince Harry, about what he and soon-to-be Auntie Meghan should be buying for the new addition. It’s very important with babies, to establish yourself as Coolest  Relatives from the get-go. Great-Granny might do a nice line in crowns, but Uncle Harry knows what the kids really want as presents. (At least, he will once he reads our handy guide. If anyone can help us get this to His Royal Highness, there’s a Pokibot in it for you. )

Wicked Uncle Guide to Presents for Babies


Look, babies dribble. It’s just a side effect of being small and gummy. It’s not a big deal, although slightly annoying when it happens all over your best clothes. This set of four cute and colourful bandana bibs is soft, comfy and absorbent. It’s never too soon to be stylish.


This delightful gift set is the perfect way to excite and delight mini sport fans in the making. Prince William is an avid Aston Villa fan, while Prince Harry is an Arsenal supporter. Maybe a gift like this could lead to the first ever member of the royal family winning the World Cup? It can’t hurt to try. Little princes and princesses all over the UK would really love this gift.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might get a bit more help than your average parent, but we would wager that they will still feel rather sleep-deprived in the coming weeks and months. Imagine the cool points you would score if you could buy new parents the gift of sleep?! You kind of can, with this wonderful Winnie the Pooh light show and musical lullaby lamp.


This brilliant bottle (BPA Free) is a fun and colourful alternative to a conventional bottle and will make feeding an out of this world experience. The perfect accessory to point in the direction of a mewling sprog as they threaten to disrupt a Very Important Royal Meeting. Or your favourite TV show.

POMPOM THE MOUSE – £10.95 & OSCAR DOG – £15.95

Babies love a soft cuddly toy to snuggle with, and grown ups like to coo and sigh over how cute they look when they’re asleep with their cuddly friend. These two are among our best sellers. Pompom the Mouse is a mismatched and whimsical character who carries her own knitted shopping bag, while snappily dressed dog Oscar can be carried around in his own Linen drawstring bag. Perfect friends to bring on princely adventures.

These are just five of our brilliant selection of gifts for babies. The full range includes wooden and musical toys, books, and even more snuggly friends.

A final word of advice for Prince Harry about buying gifts for his nephews and niece: babies are cute, but they don’t do that much else, honestly. Stick with it; rock that baby, bounce that small person on your knee, politely agree with the parents who tell you that their baby is remarkable and gifted, and ever so advanced at blinking.

There will come a day when the toys the children want are actually really cool fun things that you secretly want to play with too, like slime sets, Imagidice and drones that you control with your hand gestures.  And when that day comes, it will be awesome.

Whatever stage of Aunt- or Uncle-hood you are at, Wicked Uncle has got your back.


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