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Amuse the Children this Easter Holiday

The children have a fortnight’s holiday from school looming. This is a time for joyful family togetherness and creating memories you will always treasure with your lovely girls and boys. Or, it is a seemingly endless cycle of stopping them from bickering, dealing with complaints that they’re bored, and trying to remove felt tip pen marks from the furniture. We have the best toys and games to keep children of all ages amused during the school holidays, whatever the weather. We can deliver quickly too. Here is the Wicked Uncle Guide to rocking at school holiday fun.

Giant Bubbles, £19.95Dr Zigs Bubbles

Dr Zigs extraordinary giant bubbles are some of the biggest and longest lasting bubbles available. This brilliantly entertaining kit is easy to do, just dip the rope, drip off the excess and lift the wands, drawing them apart and then pulling to bubble away. Comes with a giant bubble rope, two wands and a 100ml bottle of 10x concentrated giant bubble mix, fully biodegradable with enough to make over 1000 giant bubbles. A great Easter Holiday activity for boys and girls ages 3 years old or up.

Rainbow Cake Kit, £14.95Bakedin Rainbow Cake Baking Kit

This cake is a fun idea, easy to do and comes with its very own baking tin. In the box are four pre-coloured mixes to make each layer bright and different – all you need to add is the milk, eggs and butter. Make it your own with lots of sprinkles and icing, all of which are included. Little ones will love baking this with a grown up helper, while older children and teens can go it alone.  This is a great Easter holiday project on a rainy day, and let’s face it, everybody loves cake!

Imagidice, £13.95

Imagidice are brilliant portable fun, which makes them perfect for if you’re travelling with the kids during the Easter school holidays. Presented in a lovely little storage tin, there are infinite story possibilities, offering hours of imaginative fun for all ages. Can you tell a story that connects all 12 dice, including anything from a lightbulb to a mushroom?! With 72 different images on 12 dice, that’s over 10 million different combinations! A game that will sharpen your wits and hone your imagination – lots of laughs and enormous fun for boys and girls aged 4 or older. 

Magic Picture Maker, £16.95Alex Brands Magic Picture Maker

You get three Easter Holiday activities in one with this cool machine. Make classic Spiral Art with the art ring and seven drawing gears. Design with Dial-a-Pattern template, turning the knob to complete the picture. Best of all, trace one of the six magic stencils to reveal a mystery picture – you don’t know what it is until you’ve finished drawing it! This set comes with easy to follow instructions, marker pen and 10 sheets of paper – fun and sure to inspire, and suitable for boys and girls ages 4 years old or above.

LED Disco Lightshow, £19.95Disco 360 Ice

Kids will love not just hearing the beat, but seeing it too, with this fun sound responsive LED lightshow. With 48 coloured LED beams of light projecting 6 different patterns in red, blue and green, all you need to do is add the music. It won’t matter if it rains this Easter holidays, just create a disco anywhere! Can be wall mounted and simply plugs in to any power socket. Girls and boys can dance the holidays away and throw some shapes!

This is just five of our boredom-busting selection of books, toys, games and gifts.

Check out the full range and you’ll see that there’s something for everyone this Easter holiday. Order now to avoid the holiday blues.

Here are some jokes to keep everyone amused.

I went to a “Plastic Surgery Anonymous” meeting last night. I saw lots of new faces.

I admit I was wrong about how good my chiropractor is. I stand corrected.

Today at the bank, an old lady asked me to help check her balance. So I pushed her over.

They have just found the gene for shyness. They would have found it earlier, but it was hiding behind two other genes. 




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