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Wicked Uncle – 2017 Highlights.

As 2017 draws to a close, we’re looking back over what has been a very busy year for the Wicked Uncle Elves. Here are a few of the fun things that happened to us this year.

We worked with loads of cool bloggers.

This year, we have collaborated with bloggers and influencers to help spread the word about Wicked Uncle. We loved working with craft bloggers, funny parents, and even a Great British Bake Off contestant! We look forward to working with even more fun people in 2018. 

WUHQ was relocated.

This Summer, we moved, as we had outgrown our warehouse and needed room for all the cool new toys we had carefully selected at Toy Fairs. The Elves, and Harvey the WU Mascot, love their new improved workplace, in particular the larger warehouse which is great for Pokibot-Racing, and the games room for pool or table tennis tournaments.

We gave away a lot of brilliant stuff.

In 2017 we have hosted loads of awesome giveaways on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. From Nutty Putty to Mini Hornits, from Rainbow Cake Sets to Christmas Stockings, we have really enjoyed the fun of giving away fun prizes to our followers. More of this to come in 2018. 

We launched in America!

Yes, 2017 was the year that Wicked Uncle USA took all the cool toys, convenience, brilliant customer service, and fun factor that our UK Customers have come to expect, and bought Wicked Uncle to America. It’s all going really well for the Team, and we hope to be continuing this growth in the future. If you have to send toys to relatives in the States, head over to the US site for totally fantastic service. 

We won another Award!

Wicked Uncle was successful at The Good Web Guide Website of the Year Awards. We were crowned the 2017 Winners in the People’s Choice Category. We don’t want to go all gushy and weepy and Kate Winslet about it, but we were very pleased to win, because this was voted for by you, our customers. Thanks very much indeed to everyone who voted for us. We take our Customer Service very seriously so it is great to see that you rate us so highly. 

We employed Uncle Christmas.

In the run up to the busiest time of the year, we had a vacancy for a serious toy expert, who came in the form of Father Christmas’s younger brother. We believed in Uncle Christmas and with his help, we delivered thousands of Wicked Christmas presents to children all over the country. Our friends at Storynory liked Uncle Christmas so much that they wrote a series of stories inspired by him. He’s zoomed off on his motorbike to sunnier climes now that Xmas is over, but who knows, maybe we will see him again next year. 

Thanks to everyone who has shopped for cool toys with Wicked Uncle in 2017. We’re looking forward to what 2018 will bring. A very happy new year to all our customers.

Are you making resolutions? Here are some thoughts:

 I can’t believe it’s been a year since I didn’t become a better person.

Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.  Mark Twain




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