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Air Shot – Floating Target Game

 A Great Present for Children

Welcome to the Air Shot. It is a brilliant target game where the targets float on a current of air and you shoot them off with your sucker dart gun. It is a great way to practice your anti-Alien Invader shooting skills and exactly what Han Solo would buy for his nephew if he was a Wicked Uncle customer.

It comes with 5 ball targets, 2 small guns and 6 sucker darts so perfect for taking on your friends and proving who really is Master of the Universe. And as you get better, you can adjust the target height with the small, green dials for added difficulty.

It is available now from us at Wicked Uncle for £19.95 and would make a great Christmas present. Or you can put it in the office because it is a lot more fun than work. Unless you are an Elf.

Happy Target Practice,

The Wicked Uncle  Ready for the Alien Invasion Team

Ps Thank you for everyone who voted for us in the Good Web Guide’s People’s Choice Award for Website of the Year. We won !

PPs And now the traditional random jokes :

My dog can do maths. I asked him what 17-17 was. He said nothing.

What is the best thing for a dog with a fever ? Mustard – it is the best thing for a hot dog.

My teacher accused me of plagiarism. His words, not mine.


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