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The Wicked Uncle Elves are always on the look out for the best toys in the world. Indeed, we have scoured the globe, and probably beyond, for the most brilliant children’s presents that exist anywhere. The Wicked Uncle mission is fun, and we want to put smiles on the faces of as many small (and big!) people as we can. Here is a selection of some of the cool new products we’ve found recently.

This brilliantly entertaining Monkey Speaker moves and grooves to your choice of music.

You’ll have to use your noodle, with this Yeti in my Spaghetti game!

This gorgeous sterling silver Rosette pendant comes in a stylish gift box.

The Elves love this easy to use, bright and colourful frog shaped Bug Vac ‘n’ View catcher that gently picks up all kinds of bugs without harming them.

Construct your own intergalactic universe with a Space Explorers Building Set

Don’t forget, once you have made your choices, you can select the gift wrap option to choose from our selection of really lovely wrapping paper.

We can even hand write a card for you. Here are just some of the excellent designs you can choose from.

We really couldn’t make the process of buying cool presents for children any easier. Except perhaps by reminding you to do it every year so you don’t forget a birthday ever again, and with our reminder service that is exactly what happens.


There you go. We suspect this is probably the most jaw-dropping news you have heard all week, and this is much more fun than the General Election thing. Vote Wicked Uncle today!


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