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4 Reasons that everyone should use the Wicked Uncle website.

Nobody likes a show off, do they? It’s certainly not very British to tell people why you’re so fantastic. But sometimes, something is so great it just has to be shared with the world. Muhammad Ali once said, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up”. So here are four backed-up reasons why our website is brilliant.

  1. We have so many ways to search:

Every customer is different, so we allow our customers to search our cool toys by age or gender if they’d like to. If you’d prefer to focus on a type of present instead, then our handy categories will help you find the right toy for every child in record time. (You can use all the time you save to start that novel you’ve been banging on about.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.40.29

2. We remind you when a birthday is approaching.

When you buy a present from Wicked Uncle, you can set a reminder for that birthday, and we will email you when it’s time to buy a present for that child, every year. We even tell you how old the child will be and suggest some perfect presents for them. It’s a great feature and quite unique.Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.51.49

You should really set a reminder for every child you have to buy for and then you can appear super-organised in the eyes of your family and friends for never missing a birthday and always giving wonderful presents. That way they will all feel compelled to reciprocate when it’s your birthday. Result.

3. We have a NEW Live Chat function.

We’ve recently launched an Elf Helpline. Our pointy eared helper elves are poised and ready to answer any questions you might have about our products, gift wrapping service, handwritten cards, delivery options, anything you like really. This currently runs weekdays during office hours only – we take elf work life balance rather seriously at Wicked Uncle HQ. They get private elfcare and everything. Come and ask an elf about the perfect gift!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.39.56

4. Our website actually makes you funnier.

It’s true. If you want to become a funnier person, all you need to do is scroll down. Past the search functions, below the link to our amazing Feefo reviews, past the most Popular Toy section and the Twitter Feed, you will find a sidesplitting joke or a witty one-liner, like this one:Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.22.05

If you’ve already heard it, or fancy some more, just refresh your browser and another hilarious gem will appear as if by magic. We update our jokes regularly and there is quite a selection, so go crazy with mirth. (If you know a good joke, why not go and write it on our Facebook page? Keep it clean, though. We’re sensitive.)

There you have it. Four legitimate, non-braggy reasons why our website is amazing. But it isn’t all down to us. Our website was created by the guys at Sound in Theory. They are really cool, so if you want a brilliant website, get in touch with them.

A  computer joke to finish:

A chemical engineer, electrical engineer, and a Microsoft engineer are on a road trip. The car breaks down.
The electrical engineer looks under the bonnet and can’t find anything wrong.
The chemical engineer checks the oil and fuel and can’t find anything wrong.
The Microsoft engineer says, “Close all the windows, and try again.”


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