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7 Creative Toys For Children Who Like Making Mess

Children love making mess. Grown Ups are less keen, given that they are generally the ones who have to tidy up afterwards. Wicked Uncle has the perfect creative toys to give everybody what they want; fun for small mess-makers, and an easy time for the adults in charge.

  1. Kinetic Sand never dries out and is easy to clean. Mesmerising and magical, lots of fun.Sand
  2. Grow exploding leeches and shock your family with green jelly worms! This Weird Slime Workshop is gruesome but great.Slime
  3. Squish, squash, shape and then start again with no-mess Play Foam.Foam
  4. Melt and Make a 3D Big Ben, London taxi and bus out of delicious chocolate. Chef’s hat included, obviously. London
  5. Twist, stick, build & mould your creations with mess-free Wikki Stix – versatile, creative and colourful fun. Wikki
  6. Games, stickers and stencils combine in this Monster Creativity Book which will provide hours of entertainment. monster
  7. The giant Aquadoodle drawing mat comes with magical water pens for creative fun for little hands. aquadoodle

Wicked Uncle’s Creativity search category is full of more brilliant ideas for the most creative of children. Let us know which are your favourites!

A few creative jokes to finish:

Vincent van Gough walks into a bar, and the bartender offers him a drink…
No thank you, said Vincent, I’ve got one ‘ere.

How many visitors to an Art Gallery does it take to change a light bulb?
Two. One to do it and one to say “Huh! My four-year old could’ve done that!”



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