10 Presents Which Will Make You a Wicked Uncle


…or Aunt, obviously. Here are ten presents guaranteed to promote you to Top Relative.

  1. Stand out from the crowd with an Interactive Glow T-Shirt.

glow shirt

2. Grow and create an enchanting fairy habitat with this fun kit.

3. Who wouldn’t want a pet robot? Pokibot can move, spin, dance and even talk!


4.Create a disco anywhere with this Disco 360 Ice LED Lightshow.

5. Watch tiny caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies inside a Live Butterfly Garden.

6. This Sat Nav Steering wheel is perfect for little back seat drivers!

7. Plop Trumps – the classic card game, now with added yuck-factor. It’s the business!

Plop Trumps

8. Give the gift of sweet dreams, with a ladybug nightlight.

9. Make your own chocolate animal lollipops – need we say more?

Chocolate Lollipops

10.  This Air Shot Floating Target Game is sure to be a hit!

Air Shot Floating Target

There you have it. The Wicked Uncle ten step plan to becoming totally amazing in the eyes of nieces and nephews.

Here’s a joke to celebrate:

An ice cream seller was today found on the floor of his van covered in hundreds and thousands. Police said he topped himself.



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