10 Best Christmas Present Ideas For Teenage Guys


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In search of some awesome gift ideas for a teen boy? We’ve got you covered! With our expert panel of teens, we’ve compiled the ultimate gift list. From clever board games and cool sweet treats to inventive gadgets, here are our top 10 best Christmas present ideas for teenage guys!

Top Christmas Presents for Teenage Boys:

  1. MindTrap Game
  2. Death By Chef’s Knife – Murder Mystery Game
  3. Smart Ball – Counts Keepy Uppys for you!
  4. Giant Gooey Chocolate Eyeballs
  5. Waboba Moonshine – Light Up Moon Ball
  6. Jellyfish Tank – Colour Changing Mood Light
  7. Pac-Man – Handheld Game
  8. Retro Box – Fizzy, foamy, gummy traditional delights
  9. Factopia – 400 Crazily Connected Facts
  10. Twistii – The Torch With A Twist

1 MindTrap Game – Riddles, Brain-Teasers & More! ,  £19.95 £19.95

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An excellent gift for anyone who loves brainteasers!

Competitive teen boys will love this brainy card game! Designed for two players or teams, the game is based on the 90s classic. Put your brainpower to the ultimate test by taking turns answering more than 500 lateral-thinking puzzles and riddles. The first one to collect ten cards is the winner. A guaranteed good time this Christmas season!

2 Death By Chef’s Knife – Murder Mystery Game ,  £18.95 £18.95

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Solve a murder from the comfort of home

Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? In this one, a chef has been murdered in a New York restaurant kitchen. Working alone or as a team, players must identify the killer, their motive, and how they did it. Study more than 50 pieces of realistic evidence, ranging from tasting menus to personal emails, to land on your verdict. An immersive, thrilling game for budding detectives. Sure to be a hit with teenage boys who love true crime podcasts and television shows!

3 Smart Ball – Counts Keepy Uppys for you! ,  £21.99 £21.99

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Smart ball, clever gift

Know a teen boy who loves football? He’ll have endless hours of fun with Smart Ball! This awesome football features an in-built speaker that counts your Keepy Uppy score up to 100. It also lights up with every touch. Challenge friends to a trick-off or even a regular game of football – just remove the sensor and screw in the bung to transform Smart Ball into a normal ball for the pitch. A fabulous choice for athletic teens!

4 Giant Gooey Chocolate Eyeballs – Tasteful! ,  £9.95 £9.95

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A gruesome gift that teen boys will love

What teen guy wouldn’t love to bite into a chocolate eyeball? Crafted from milk and white Belgian chocolate, they taste delicious, but look wonderfully yucky! Take a bite and watch out for the sweet strawberry sauce filling oozing out…

5 Waboba Moonshine – Light Up Moon Ball ,  £7.95 £7.95

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Light up their faces this Christmas

This hyper bouncing, light-up mini ball from Waboba makes a brilliant gift for teen guys. The flat edges give it a crazy spin and make a strange popping noise as it hits the floor, the walls, whatever! With its fast bouncing capability and lightweight design, this ball can easily bounce up to 100 feet. Extremely addictive fun, and you can even play in the dark!

6 Jellyfish Tank – Colour Changing Mood Light ,  £18.95 £18.95

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Cooler than a goldfish!

Put the mood in moody with this mesmerising decorative addition to any teen guy’s bedroom. The two amazingly lifelike jellyfish swim and glide around the tank and you can feel yourself relaxing as you watch their realistic swimming movements, powered by jets of air moving the water. Triple LED lights add three different soothing colours. A very cool and original gift idea.

7 Pac-Man – Handheld Game ,  £15.95 £15.95

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An iconic classic

Teens won’t be able to resist this vintage arcade classic that is just as addictive as ever. Officially licensed, this version of the game includes the original sounds and gameplay, plus it comes on a handy keyring for portable play. As cool today as it ever was!

8 Retro Box – Fizzy, foamy, gummy traditional delights ,  £5.99 £5.99

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An awesome gift for boys with a sweet tooth

Continuing the trip down memory lane, introduce your teen boy to the sweets you ate as a kid, including flying saucers and candy necklaces, fruit salads, black jacks and liquorice whirls. A fantastic sweet Christmas gift.

9 Factopia – 400 Crazily Connected Facts ,  £10.99 £10.99

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Full of fascinating facts

This fact-filled book is sure to light up the face of any brainy, trivia-loving teen guy. It’s filled with hilarious facts, all of which are verified by the Encyclopaedia Britannica. The facts are also all connected in interesting and unexpected ways! What shape is a squid’s brain? What colour are the sunsets on Mars? How many words can the average dog understand? Who knows where your curiosity will lead you?

10 Twistii – The Torch With A Twist ,  £12.95 £12.95

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A truly brilliant gift idea…

Twistii is a new twist on the classic torch – and this one you wear on your wrist! The innovative rotating wrist torch features three modes, including a forward directional beam and a warning flash. The 360-degree rotation means you can direct light wherever you need it without using your hands. Perfect for secret missions, late-night reading, or sneaking down to the fridge for some Christmas leftovers…

For more super-cool gift ideas for teenage boys, check out what’s popular on our website!

What did the sea say when it saw Father Christmas fly past? Nothing, it just waved!



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